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Newspapers in Education

Funded Newspaper Program: Sponsorship Info

Newspapers In Education Program
Newspapers in Education is a community service program of the Santa Barbara News-Press which allows businesses to sponsor classroom sets of newspapers to schools. You can become a partner, too, and help Santa Barbara County students learn a variety of subjects using the News-Press in the classroom as an educational tool.

Benefits Of Sponsorship

  • Thank you letter from the Santa Barbara News-Press.
  • Certificate of appreciation suitable for framing.
  • Sponsors will be acknowledged in a special advertisement during the school year in appreciation for your support and contribution to educational development.
  • You are actively contributing to the fight against illiteracy in Santa Barbara County.
  • Your participation in this program is tax deductible.
Benefits For Students

  • The only up-to-date text available. It is invaluable to the development and learning growth of students.
  • It is highly motivational. Students love to learn with the Santa Barbara News-Press.
  • Unlike textbooks, the Santa Barbara News-Press is consumable. Students are encouraged to cut, paste, and write on the newspaper.
  • There are curriculum guides available from the Santa Barbara News-Press as well as in-paper activities.
How The Program Works

Each student receives a copy of the newspaper at least once a week to use in class to learn a variety of subjects.

In addition to the newspaper the Santa Barbara News-Press will provide teachers with curriculum guides and teaching materials to help plan lesson activities.

Investment Amount

Platinum Sponsorship $275.00
Gold Sponsorship $150.00
Silver Sponsorship $100.00

For more information, please call us at 564-5120!

Vacation Donation

Going on vacation? You may donate these vacation issues to local students who will use the newspaper as an educational tool. The donation is tax deductible and appreciated by teachers and students alike! Ask to be a Newspapers in Education Sponsor.