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Newspapers in Education

Creative & Fun Projects Using the News-Press

Ecology Planter
Here is a great idea for using the newspaper after your students are finished reading it. Make a small planting pot to start flowers and vegetables indoors. They're fun to make and itäs a great recycling idea!

Use a tabloid-size sheet of newspaper (about 14Sx23S). Scene Magazine would be perfect for this or cut a regular newspaper in half top to bottom.

Fold paper four times lengthwise to create a long strip, then wrap the paper around your fingers (FIG. 1) using approximately 1/2 of the strip. Fold the remaining strip down (FIG.2) bringing it under the cup and back up to the top. Tuck and staple the end into the top opening (FIG.3). Tape and staples will help to make the pot more waterproof.

(FIG.4) Fill your pot with potting soil. Now youäre ready to plant the seeds and watch them grow! When the plants are ready to be transplanted, place the entire pot in the ground.

The newspaper helps to retain water and keep the soil nice and moist. The newspaper will decompose in the soil. Newspaper is great mulch and the zinc from the ink protects the plant roots from insects.