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Newspapers in Education

Sample Lesson Plan:

Santa Barbara News-Press Scavenger Hunt

Locate the following items in your copy of the News-Press. Cut, paste and label the items in a scrapbook format.

  • The price of today's newspaper
  • Today's predicted "High" temperature
  • Name of our state
  • A movie advertisement
  • The time for today's high tide
  • A Garfield comic strip
  • An editorial
  • An index box
  • A store with a half page ad
  • An advice column
  • A famous sports personality
  • Your horoscope
  • A classified advertisement for part-time work
  • A graph or chart
  • The name of a company in the business section
  • A clue from a crossword puzzle
  • A crime in Santa Barbara County
  • A world news article
  • A local news headline
  • A famous person's birthday