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Newspapers in Education

Department Summaries

Creative Services

Our Creative Services Department helps advertising representatives and customers create advertisements. They also handle a number of other assignments designing special sections, marketing and promotional pieces for special events. They also design and create Internet web sites.

Classified Advertising

The Classified Advertising Department is responsible for selling small spaces of the News-Press to advertise automobiles for sale, apartments for rent, help wanted, etc. Classified representatives take advertisements over the phone or in person. These ads are then entered into the computer.

Display Advertising
Display advertisements are large spaces of advertising that are found interspersed within the main text of the newspaper. These advertisements use graphics and art work to convey their message. They do not use many words. Advertisers who use these large ads want to convey their message as quickly and graphically as possible.

News Department

The News department is responsible for reporting local, state, national and world news to keep our readers well informed. The newsroom staff uses computers to write and edit their stories. Many of these stories come to us from the wire services. They send reporters and photographers all over the world to cover stories and report the news.

Photography Department
The News-Press has a staff of photographers to cover local events. They take pictures of interest with digital and film cameras. Pictures are also obtained through the Associated Press and other wire services.

Composing Department
Each newspaper is designed on a rough sketch called a dummy. The stories and ads are typeset on a computer. On a daily basis, the ads and editorials are merged to form a complete page that is sent directly to the Camera Department for filming.

Camera Department
Once the pages of the paper are √úcomposedS, a negative will be made. The negative is used to make an aluminum press plate. Sometimes color pictures are used in the paper. Color pages require the use of four aluminum plates of the same page to print magenta, cyan, yellow and black ink.

The pressroom is responsible for printing the paper on a daily basis. The aluminum plates are placed on the printing press. The printing press can run 70,000 copies of the paper in one hour! The paper is actually cut, folded and assembled right on the press.

The distribution department counts and bundles the papers in pre-numbered stacks. Distribution also does the inserting of special ads (like the glossy coupons) into the paper. A bundle label is attached to the stacks so that delivery contractors, rack distributors or dealers know the correct number of papers to distribute.

This department is responsible for selling and distributing the newspaper. Circulation also handles subscription billing, taking subscription orders and maintaining news stands.

The library maintains files on articles that have been clipped from the paper and filed according to subject and titles. Old copies of the News-Press are stored on microfilm and may be used for research.