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Newspapers in Education

Newspaper Terminology

Banner - A headline in large letters running across the entire width of the page

Beat - Reporter's regular routine for covering news sources.

Byline - The name of the writer printed at the head of the story.

Caption - A title or explanatory note accompanying a picture or illustration.

Copy - All written material prepared for printing

Credit Line - Acknowledges the source of a story or illustration The Gold Tooth picture's credit line is Knight Ridder/ Tribune‡.which means the picture was taken by a Chicago Tribune photographer, and then distributed to all the nation's newspapers by the Knight Ridder company.

Dummy - A diagram or layout of a newspaper page, showing the placement or headlines, pictures and advertisements

Edit - To correct and prepare copy for publication

Five W's and H - The questions answered in a straight lead: who, what, when, where, why, and how

First Amendment - The first article of the Bill of Rights, granting freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition

Flag - Newspaper's name as it appears across the front page of the paper.

Headline - Words in large type at top of a story telling what the story is about.

Inverted Triangle - Forms a news story where the important facts are listed first and additional details follow.

Jump Line - Tells reader where story is continued.

Newsprint - Paper on which newspapers are printed.

Op-Ed - A page opposite the editorial page, where opinions by guest writers are presented.

Tip - An item of information that might lead to a news story.