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Customer Testimonial: Your CBD Store

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I am so grateful that the Santa Barbara News-Press has been here for us during this interesting economic climate. Your CBD Store Santa Barbara opened at the end of November and within the next few months, we were growing in popularity and we had already established an awesome customer base. We all know what happened shortly after the beginning of this year. We have taken a hit just like many other small business owners in the community. It breaks our heart to see our neighbors and now friends, struggling during this time. I am so grateful that the Santa Barbara News-Press is one of the many small business supporters. Something that is so precious here in Santa Barbara is community spirit. We were able to have multiple full page ads run in the paper at such a great rate which has helped spark a hope in the last few weeks and upcoming months. We have been so excited since we just received new products in the store including USDA Certified Organic CBD Tinctures. Along with a new CBNplus Tincture that is formulated to help restful sleep. We know how important health and rest are, especially during this time, so we feel very blessed to be able to support the community in that regard. Thank you again to Santa Barbara News-Press for your support and thank you to the Santa Barbara community. We are in this together and I hope everyone in the small business community and community at large can come back even greater.

Devin and Jessica Pearson

Your CBD Store

Santa Barbara

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